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commented 2018-06-03 10:05:38 +0100
Good Morning my name is Murrae Blair-Park and I am very keen to become a active member of the party.

I am a Civil servant working for the MOJ and have lived in the area for over 14 years.

I am an mentor for West Midlands branch of crisis and an active contributor to local sports clubs.

I have 3 children all whom been either through or going through the local school system.

I look forward to hearing from you.

commented 2018-05-25 12:09:53 +0100
Jerry Weber – Independent NEC Candidate

Dear CLP Secretary,

I am putting myself forward for the NEC election for the CLP section of the NEC. The nominations close on 22nd June and CLP nomination can be made here – NEC nominations. I am writing to ask you to give me one of your 9 nominations. If you are no longer the secretary, please pass this on. It would also be helpful to know when your CLP has decided its nominations, please contact me on .

Please go to for my full statement

Yours in friendship and solidarity,

Jerry Weber

Warwick & Leamington CLP

Membership: L0103377
commented 2018-01-25 20:36:12 +0000
hi sean would like to come and speak to you about right to buy can you please find me a date in your diary thanks collin
commented 2017-11-20 22:12:31 +0000
Hi I’mthe PEO for Loughborough CLP. Could you please inform your members that Jon Ashworth mp and shadow Secretary of State for Health will be coming to speak and to answer questions about the NHS and it’s future under Labour, 7.00pm Friday the 15th Dec at Unity House, Fennel St. could they please contact me or Gabs our Secretary if they would like to come, just in case we need a bigger venue.
commented 2017-06-16 14:21:40 +0100

I’m a Labour activist in Rugby, I’ve recently moved upto Coalville and wanted to get involved while I’m up here. Its exciting times and I think its more important than ever that we are doing all we can. Trying to motivate a couple of other of new members to become active. When and where are your next branch/All memebers meetings?

Thanks John
commented 2017-06-09 19:03:07 +0100
I voted for you last night gutted you didn’t get in and didn’t get that low lift Andrew Bridges out.I so want to do my all to get jc into power and give this country hope. On local issues i have so many great ideals to give you and help nwl back to labour i like to a human chat with you and listen to my. Thoughts and passions and hope to us all
commented 2017-06-06 21:41:45 +0100
Are you planning on sending any election material through the post? As we have not received anything in Hemington. I would like to know your stance on subjects.
commented 2017-06-01 23:29:41 +0100
I would like to know if you have any posters that I could put in my car window (no good in the house as no one would see it!)

How would I acquire such things?

As with other comments, in Ashby, there has been an absence of leaflets through doors etc, though I understand you need people to do this, so I have the uppermost respect for those who do volunteer.

I contacted Bridgen to enquire about his need to apologise for his HS2 contact as friends had told me he used his influence to move the route away from a factory and land he owned, I wondered what your perspective on this was.

Good luck


Many thanks
commented 2017-05-31 15:28:01 +0100
How can I get a poster or placard for my front garden I would like to show my neighbours who I am voting for next week
commented 2017-05-30 09:33:59 +0100
What have you done to draw attention to the self serving actions of conservative counsellors, using their positions to further their own property development schemes? I have seen little resistance or challenge from opposition members to the current plans to demolish Holy Well Mill in Ashby.

I’ve been very dissapointed with the anonymous candidacy from all opposition so far this election. You have nine days to act.
commented 2017-05-28 10:16:44 +0100
Just been chastised as a Socialist by the Tory MP for North West Leicestershire (Andrew Brigden MP) who when told I wouldn’t be voting Conservative claimed my visiting the area will bring down house prices.

He then took pleasure in stating that Kettering (where I live) was “voted the MOST average town” in the UK… before smirking and walking away.

Winning hearts and minds is clearly on the Conservative agenda.
commented 2017-05-20 16:37:26 +0100
I live in Blackfordby. To date I have received NO election communications from Labour but a number from the Tories. What is happening? How can you expect people to vote for you if you have no presence in the area. There are prominent ‘Andrew Bridgen’ posters in strategic positions, why no Labour posters? How can you expect us to volunteer when there is no evidence of activity from the local centre?
posted about this on Facebook 2017-05-08 15:37:06 +0100
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commented 2017-05-04 14:26:21 +0100
I am interested in your council association for i have had serious difficulties that Mr. Bridgen is aware of and whilst it would be unfair to say he has not helped i believe he has backed down to me constantly suggesting i believe it should not only should it be being dealt with via solicitors, it also should be publicized due to the tory manifesto saying they are the party for workers.

Because the correspondence is very sensitive i am unwilling to use this style of media to show you i have know problem meeting with you.

I will also state whilst the council are cooperating to a point if you feel it would be beneficial to go public i am more than willing

kind regard for now

P.J Hayes
commented 2017-05-03 17:45:34 +0100
been looking at you letter you say you will put peoples interest first well been saying that for sometime now MP’S and council members but no luck change yet i live in the green hill the people of the estate i afew things to say about how run down it is and the councils are letting it go that way we pay high rent and council tax and nothing gets done the transport in coalville is beyond a joke street lighting is not on after midnight and we pay council tax to have it on there are lots of problems with coalville but no one wants to hear what we all have to say about it and want to have done about it i would be happy to vote for the right person but they keep letting people down .and many feel that the public should have a big say in there own town and the right candidate to speak on our behalf are you that person.
commented 2017-05-03 12:43:36 +0100
I have voted labour for 60 years except for Blair and I’m sorry to say I will not be voting labour this time because of the idiot who is your leader. I will not be the only one he will bankrupt my country and fill it with idle benefits seeking people. He needs to realise the working man now owns his own house and has improved their lives.
commented 2017-04-28 17:12:00 +0100

I thought Dominic might be interested in attending a meeting in Newbold Coleorton at the Cross Keys pub on Tuesday 2nd at 7. Parents from across the Valley ward will be getting together to discuss the recent changes to school transport, which has resulted in children in many of the villages being denied access to free transport to Ashby School. As a hot topic in this area it may help his share of the vote if he is able to show an interest in this issue.
commented 2017-04-10 19:08:12 +0100
I received your leaflet relating to the forthcoming local elections .

What is Mary Draycott’s position regarding Jeremy Corbin’s leadership?

I will not vote for any other party but I will not vote for a party that does not stand behind its leader.

80 years a socialist.
commented 2016-06-29 20:58:31 +0100
Dear North West Leicestershire Labour.

I would like to make clear my support for Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader. My belief is that the crisis currently unfolding in the leadership is not a genuine contestation concerning the direction of the Labour Party. Rather I maintain this is opportunism by those who have wanted to remove Jeremy as leader since his overwhelming victory in September 2015. It is for the membership of the Labour Party to decide the values and policies the Party pursues, at conference and other such bodies. The vote of no confidence is un-constitutional and politically naïve, especially when the Tories are also in a leadership crisis and when that could be exploited. I believe Jeremy does have the ability to fight the next general election.

The Labour Party is not The Tory Party, it does not operate on hierarchical lines and members overwhelmingly put forth the vision they wanted last September. The majority of the PLP did not support Jeremy in September and they have re-affirmed they are not supporting him now. This is no surprise and merely symbolises another moment in which members of the PLP have not respected the widespread support for Jeremy and can’t come to terms with the fact he won the leadership election on a radical platform. It is also no surprise that as Tony Blair is about to face the Chilcot enquiry that this coup is being launched. To the wider public it seems that protecting Tony Blair seems more important than building the Labour Party.

The behaviour of the majority of PLP members in the aftermath of the referendum, I believe, is politically immature and opportunist. It insults the democratic structures of the Labour Party. The EU referendum can not be used as the long awaited excuse to attack Jeremy’s leadership.The referendum was a convoluted, truncated and complex debate on all sides of the political spectrum and I believe it is entirely unfair to use it as a platform on which to change the direction of the Labour Party. Indeed the majority of Party members voted to remain in the EU, and the majority of Tory members voted to leave. This is hardly a failure that can be attributed to Jeremy in what was otherwise a very divided and complex debate where mis-information and scaremongering was widespread from both camps and where the media consistently mis-reported what Jeremy’s stance was. This was a political programme of mis-representation as pursued by such commentators like Laura Kuenssberg from the BBC, proven to have historical links with the Tory party as well as PLP members who openly want, have and continue to undermine Jeremy.

Moreover Jeremy’s record has had numerous successes. He has increased Party membership and activism like no other Labour leader, he has forced the government to make several Important U turns, such as those concessions made within the Trade Union bill and proposed changes to welfare, he has won all by- elections against expectations, has helped secure the London and Bristol mayoralties and he defeated all expectations during local council elections, fairing better than the Tory party. He has achieved all this whilst constantly being under attack by the mainstream media and whilst also being undermined publicly and consistently by certain individuals in the PLP who, like children, have refused to accept his overwhelming mandate. This is not a party respecting the membership; this is a party showing contempt for its democratic structures.

The behaviour of certain PLP members seems to be in complete denial of the facts of his record. I urge CLP’s to send messages of support and for MP’s to remind themselves of how the Labour Party should operate. The coup launched reflects how one would expect Tory MP’s to behave and the further Labour MP’s reflect such behaviour, the more alienated the public and the membership will become. I like many others will probably leave the Labour Party if Jeremy is removed by non-constitutional means and I imagine there will be a mass exodus from the party which will undoubtedly make it very difficult to fight a general election.

Debra Jackson – Party Member – Whitwick

#keepcorbyn #momentum
commented 2016-06-14 21:05:00 +0100
Interested to see John Gearys comments in Leicester Mercury today about the closure of Dunelm Mill in Coalville. I strongly feel seeing the building as just a cinema is short sighted and unimaginative. Lots of local support for a more modern, community arts centre that has space for theatre groups, dance groups and musicians to all rehearse and perform… As well as a cinema, bar, cafe etc. Lots of excellent examples across other parts of UK where projects like this has been possible and old buildings like the REX given new lease of life, hat serves a much wider, more profitable purpose. Please, ask the local community what they want, how they can help support a project and let’s work together to improve Coalville. Plenty of support already there!
commented 2016-05-08 23:45:08 +0100
I would like to get in touch with John Geary regarding the proposed development behind Highfield Street/Standard Hill, Hugglescote. Thank you.
commented 2015-10-24 13:27:22 +0100
the people who didn’t vote tory still wants to be heard even though were a minority The Tories need to go They are getting away with murder if a common person murdered someone they get life the Tories murdered hundreds by starvation, suicides all because The money was stopped and the tories laughing about it they are sick and they’re trying to silence people by taking over the newspapers trying to take over the Internet and even TV the Tory have got it all figured out to silence people.
commented 2015-06-14 11:51:22 +0100
Having contacted LCC about cutting grass and planting flower bed at junction of Camelford Road and Crescent Road and got no joy I wonder if you can push things along and get something sorted.
commented 2015-05-01 21:55:05 +0100
Can you please let me know how I go about obtaining the sign post to promote voting for you party please?
commented 2015-04-28 16:40:15 +0100
Please can you let me know how to get a VOTE LABOUR poster to put up in our window? Thanks!
commented 2015-04-19 12:01:54 +0100
Message for Doug Cooper. If I vote for you in the next elections, what are you plans for reinstating a bus service for Moira. It was cancelled last Sunday, the County Council have provided a taxi service, as long as you book a day in advance, from 10 and returning at 12. I had to make a doctors appointment last week, you are not given a choice of times! I would have gone in on the bus, but had no option but to use a car. Obviously, parking is not free in Ashby (unlike Swadlincote), but I was offered a reduced rate on the taxi of £5.00. Not acceptable. I am not the only one affected, at least I have a car I could use. I would love to hear your views. I have written to the County Council, but have had no reply (not unexpected!)
commented 2015-04-17 16:11:29 +0100
Thank you for calling at my house and sorry I wasn’t in. In the last but one election I voted labour even thou they stand against everything I believe in. I did so because David Taylor lived locally and understood all the local issues and was keen to get involved here rather than just Coalville where they think the world ends.. You unfortunately don’t live in the area you want to represent and therefore I cannot vote for you. I don’t understand why you don’t stand in the area where you live. Unfortunately the only local candidate is Conservative so there isn’t much of a choice.
commented 2015-03-19 18:55:31 +0000
hello Jammie,

I’ve just sent this email to our “community police officer” and copied to youe oponent at the up comming election. I’m at a loss now, can you help?


Thank you for totally ignoring my email last year! I didn’t even receive a notice of receipt.
The problem still exits, even though speed limits are clearly displayed on entry to Marlborough Way, Ashby they are repeatedly ignored. The speed limit in place for a number of years, yet never enforced.
Yesterday I witnessed a driver, driving at the prescribed limit being overtaken by a van on a blind bend… I would estimate at fifty mph (bearing the name of P.V. Alsop, Plasters). Is this what most taxpayers and I can now expect?
commented 2014-10-29 15:27:34 +0000

Can you put me in touch with the local team in Ashby de la Zouch

Are there regular meetings ?

Thank you

Ian Webb
commented 2014-10-08 19:58:57 +0100
NETWORK FOR LOCAL BUSINESS INVITE – we are a large group of local business people who helped create the Chamber. Interested in coming to one of our weekly breakfast meeting. Andrew has attends every year and a few times in 2009 and 2010. Friday George & Dragon Thringstone

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